Just found an image I shot of Kyle Eastwood at his first album launch in London. There is so much more in the archive but its best if I drip feed you all. Hope you enjoy the visual jazz feast.

It’s going to be fun talking about my two most favorite subjects, photography and jazz. I can geek out on the latest in camera technology, ponder on the history of image making in jazz and then mix it all up by showcasing some very brilliant musicians.

Makes it easier when we also run Jazz Club Jury, the club and festival review site. All the shots we garner from our visits will be on here as soon as we can get them up. A select few will be chosen to grace the Wallspace section, our little shop of jazz. We’ll be producing jazz art, posters and limited edition giclĂ©e prints of the musicians we’ve heard.

Good to hear your thoughts so do drop me an email and ping over your views. Enjoy…

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